Diversity in Linguistics

Welcome to the website of the Association for Diversity in Linguistics – Diversität in der Linguistik.

The Association for Diversity in Linguistics was founded with the aim of promoting diversity within linguistics. Diversity here is understood as the promotion of diverse perspectives and points of view in linguistics, and as diversity among those who practice linguistics.

The association advocates diversity in the sense of diverse linguistics in the form of various events. An annual summer school in forensic linguistics, a workshop on statistics in linguistics twice per year, and a bimonthly talk series have been an integral part of the association since it was founded.

The association advocates diversity in the sense of representing all, but especially of marginalized, groups that form our human society groups by selecting topics and speakers. For example, the talk slots in the association’s talk series are preferably given to speakers who present research on relevant topics or who themselves belong to one of the aforementioned groups.

The Association for Diversity in Linguistics is located in Germany and is therefore somewhat focused on the German university and linguistics landscape. Nevertheless, the association values international contacts and connections, and welcomes members from all over the world.

The association website offers more information on the association itself, as well as on events organised by the association. One can also find more information on memberships and apply for one. All information is available in English and German.

Upcoming Events

22. Juli @ 13 Uhr – 18 Uhr
Workshop: R Markdown für Neulinge
Language: German | Event | Informationen

16. August @ 10:30 Uhr – 17. August @ 17 Uhr
Workshop: Grundlagen der Distributionellen Semantik
Language: German | Event | Informationen

24 August – 26 August
Summer School: 4th Forensic Linguistics Short Course
Language: English | Event | Informationen