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No association without members. Therefore, we are all the more pleased about every new member!

Members of the Association for Diversity in Linguistics do not pay membership fees and have no other time-consuming obligations. Anyone wishing to become a member confirms that they have read the association’s statutes and thus agree to the aims of the association. The two most important parts of the statutes in this regard are listed again here.

  1. The association “Diversity in Linguistics” with its registered office in 50733 Cologne, Germany, exclusively and directly pursues non-profit purposes within the meaning of the section “Steuerbegünstigte Zwecke” (“Tax-privileged purposes”) of the German Fiscal Code (AO).
  2. The purpose of the association is to promote science and research in the field of linguistics.
  3. The purpose of the statutes shall be realised in particular by offering scientific events and scientific training events which promote diversity in linguistics both on a disciplinary and on a human level.
  1. Members are obliged to support the aims and interests of the association and to comply with the decisions and orders of the association’s bodies.
  2. Members shall have the right to use the facilities of the association and to participate in its events.
  3. Members undertake not to discriminate against other persons in the course of their activities and to use language that is gender-appropriate, non-discriminatory and as barrier-free as possible.

Keeping your membership data up-to-date

We ask our members to update their personal data, i.e. the data provided when applying for membership, whenever necessary. Members can edit their profile data via admidio, a secure software hosted on our own servers. Find admidio here.