Talk Series: Diversity in Linguistics

The talk series Diversity in Linguistics features linguists from diverse social and linguistic backgrounds. As an association, we wish to promote diverse perspectives in and on linguistics by researchers working in linguistic subfields less often represented in the German linguistic landscape.

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08 February 2023 @ 6pm (CET)

René Foidl

Sprache in kolonialen Kontexten: Eine qualitative Analyse kolonialer Einflüsse auf das (sprachliche) Leben der Wounaan in Bogotá

22 February 2023 @ 6pm (CET)

Hannah Perndecky

‘Bullshitting’ aus einer metapragmatischen Perspektive

29 March 2023 @ 6pm (CET)

Jannis Schwarzbach

High Valyrian and Greenberg‘s (21966) Universals

12 April 2023 @ 6pm (CET)

Julia Pawels

‘Fake News’ oder ‘Falschnachrichten’? Lexikalische Zweifelsfälle bei neologistischen (Quasi-)Synonymen

26 April 2023 @ 6pm (CET)

Alexander Clemen

Alex, Alex, or Alex – Do ambiguous first names cause referential failure effects?

31 May 2023 @ 6pm (CET)

Muhadj Wisam Adnan

Sprache und Migration: Sprachvariation in der arabischen Diaspora in Deutschland

28 June 2023 @ 6pm (CET)

Viktoria Schneider

Eventuality related nominalizations

12 July 2023 @ 6pm (CET)

Stefanie Miyahara

Expressing emotions through the heart and other organs in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean

26 July 2023 @ 6pm (CET)

Rachid Iseksioui

The minimal derivation of simple clause in Amazighe language

Previous Talks

25 January 2023 @ 6pm (CET)

Anna Stein

Probabilistic reduction and the mental lexicon

14 December 2022 @ 6pm (CET)

Mogens Mastracchio

Some causative verbs are lighter than others | abstract

30 November 2022 @ 6pm (CET)

Dominic Schmitz, Viktoria Schneider, & Janina Esser

Generic masculines in German – Why all teachers are masculine | download slides

28 September 2021 @ 6pm (CET)

Natascha Rohde

“Who knew that gender social utopia looks like this, right?”