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Only 2 Spots Left! Talk Series “Diversity in Linguistics”

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With our talk series “Diversity in Linguistics” being on its seasonal break until October, we are already looking for contributions to the 2023/2024 edition of the talk series. We are inviting contributions from all subfields of linguistics and linguistic-related fields. We want to stress that this is a great opportunity for those who are not yet experienced in giving talks on their research, while we also welcome those who already have plenty of experience.

Contributions may be based on theses, coursework, research (published and unpublished) – there really are no restrictions. Talks regularly take place on Wednesdays at 6pm CET; however, other starting times can be agreed upon. While our talk slots are 60 minutes, it is up to the presenter how much of the 60 minutes slot is presentation and how much time is allocated to Q&A. Talks can be given in English or German.

If you are interested in presenting your own work, please use this form to suggest your participation. Please note that at this point, signing up for a specific date is only a suggestion. We will let you know via email if your suggested date will be the date of your talk. Be assured that we will give our best in resolving scheduling conflicts.

If you want to suggest someone (inside or outside div-ling) who should present their work in our talk series, please contact Dominic and Janina via email.